Bedberry Pie

I've been having a difficult time, this semester, producing pieces that feel like me. So rather than working with a very serious concept, I wanted to work with things that I love to draw: food and patterns. Just doing the sketches, I was pretty sure about it. But as I did the line work, I knew this just felt right!

Actually finishing everything in time for the show? That was a pretty frustrating ordeal.

I mean, it doesn't help that I put off my pieces until roughly one week before the show. But then I also ended up taking a few extra shifts at my other job, and ended up with a full day, every day, for the week leading up to it.

Some how I did it? I'm not entirely sure how?  I ended up bringing them to work with me so I could keep going during my breaks.


Seeking Comfort

This series was my last-ever assignment for my last-ever painting class at OCADU. As a group, we came up with the theme of Nostalgia for an exhibit at a downtown Toronto gallery called Artscape. We worked on our pieces independently, and without consulting each other on the content, in order to accurately depict the multitude of ways 'nostalgia' can be interpreted.

For my pieces, I really wanted to do something food related. I just think its such an important part of literally every culture. It brings people together, and makes people happy. I feel like everyone has fond memories relating back to food. I wanted to focus on nostalgic comforts, and the ways food can transport us back to those moments. I thought western comfort food would be the perfect catalyst for this series.

Chicken Noodle Soak

As predicted, the setup date came up way sooner than I ever expected it to. And honestly, it's been a few years since I've had to set up for an art show.

A few days before, we had agreed on a time to meet at the gallery to put up our pieces. None of us had seen the others' work, and it really just made sense to lay it all out together, to see what works best where.

Yeah that didn't really happen.

One group member showed up two hours early, put up her pieces and left. While three of us did show up on time, we had another two that were an hour late.

We did it, though. I really wish I'd gotten a picture of the full installation, because it did end up looking fantastic, despite all of the frustrations. As I mentioned, it's been a while since I've done a gallery show, but I always have so much fun doing it.