I grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere. This particular area of nowhere was a little over half an hour away from Kingston, Ontario. Without much else to do in the area, I ended up pouring most of my free time into drawing. After high school, I spent a year developing my skills, and later received an offer of early acceptance and the Doris McArthy scholarship to OCADU in downtown Toronto.

I now live and work in Toronto, making pictures that are basically an extension of my personality. My work is generally light and a little silly. When I was younger, I was eager to experiment with any media I could get my little hands on; now I primarily work in ink and watercolour, emphasizing expressive linework, patterns, and loosely applied colour.

When I’m not doing the art thing, I will occasionally find myself with a small amount of free time. I tend to fill that free time with ukulele playing, comic reading, and videogame playing. Sometimes I might even leave my apartment and talk to other humans.