My pieces were all created with watercolour and ink, on watercolour paper, and then taken into Photoshop to adjust values and enhance depth and contrast. For each illustration, I started by doing a series of thumbnails to work out the concept and composition. Next I would sketch the illustration on apiece of tracing paper, which was then transferred to a sheet of Moulin de Roi 140 lbs watercolour paper.The sketch was inked, with a thin brush, and dark shades of coloured Dr. Martin's inks. I painted the illustrations with Quo watercolour paints, and scan them into Photoshop. I finish the pieces by digitally painting over top of the illustration in transparent colours, to enhance depth and contrast in a few spots, as necessary.

Making the Rounds

I think one of the most important things I learned by doing this project is to never stop making illustrations, even when there's no work coming in. I noticed that my worst work was consistently being made at the beginning of a semester, after a length break was taken from school and art, and I would focus too heavily instead on my other job. After that it would take almost an entire semester to get back into the groove of things, and begin producing better work, as well as coming up with fresher, more interesting ideas.

Illumi-Knotty Knitter's Club

OCADU Gradex will be running from May 4th until the 7th. Come check out my work in room 656, at 100 McCaul st!

A Logical Explanation

This series is my thesis project, constructed throughout my final year at OCADU, in the Illustration program.

A Logical Explanation is a series of editorial illustrations debunking supernatural theories in an absurd manner, to demonstrate the lengths we go to in order to cover up and ignore the things we do not wish to know about.

Every day, there are people all over the world who claim to see or experience supernatural occurrences. Regardless of whether or not they saw was truly paranormal, there are always people who are willing to offer up a logical explanation for whatever it was that they may or may not have seen.

Spoon Bender

I have a lot of mixed feelings about the final results. Some of my pieces turned out quite successful, but some of them (not shown) just really didn't work out.

Unintended Results

Moral of the story? Never stop drawing. Never stop creating. Never stop thinking of new ideas, and exploring, and trying new things.

Cirque Du Slender